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German-Chinese Alliance for Vocational Education and Training
Mr. Christian Stertz, Head of Division, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

Sino-German Promotion of Vocational Education in Xinjiang: Joint Development of the Star Project
Mr. Yan Minfan, Party Secretary and Vice President, Xinjiang Vocational University


Financing Vocational Education in Yunnan
Mr. Yang Jinhua, President, Yunnan Jiaotong College

Sino-German Automotive Qualification and Certification Centre in Chongqing
Ms. Cao Qingying, Chief Representative, ZWH Shanghai Rep Office

Preparing for Successful TVET
Mr. Bernhard Streicher, Consultant, Senior Expert Technical Vocational Education & Training

German Financing of Vocational Education Projects in China
Mr. Jens Bessai, Head of Division Sustainable Economic Development East Asia and Pacific, KfW Development Bank

Quality and Efficiency in Vocational Education through Sino-German Cooperation
Prof. Dr. Zhao Zhiqun, Head of the Institute of Vocational and Adult Education, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University

Efficiency in VET
Dr. Hannelore Kress, Project Manager at GOVET China, Russia, Italy and Slovakia, Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB)